Assassins of Ghadid Trilogy

K.A. Doore’s debut trilogy, The Assassins of Ghadid, follows three cousins within a family of assassins in their city above the sands, where water is dearer than blood and wild spirits are more dangerous than knives.


Book One: [Untitled]

In Ghadid, a desert city perched hundreds of feet above the sands, the Basbowen family has seen better days. Once feared assassins, a clash with the drum chiefs who govern Ghadid led to a ban on contracts. A decade later, hope that the ban will be lifted has dwindled.

But tradition persists and the next generation of assassins has been trained. Alone out of his generation, Amastan’s glad that he’ll never be asked to take a contract. Instead, he can focus on a different, less bloody job: preserving Ghadid’s history.

At least, that’s his plan until he stumbles upon a drum chief’s corpse.

Now Amastan must find the murderer before they kill again. But Amastan’s an assassin, not a detective, and finding justice means dredging up a past better left forgotten. If he succeeds, the drum chiefs will lift the contract ban. If he doesn’t – who better to blame for a murder than a family of assassins?

Expected publication: March 2019 by Tor

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