The Impossible Contract Content Warnings & Tags

Content Warnings:
Violence, murder, problematic family, blood, stabbing, gore, garroting, fights, betrayal, slavery, mind control, minor character death(ssss), undead, zombies, body horror, eye horror

Ao3 Tags:
Assassins who actually assassin, annoying ancient evil, ace side character, attempted poisoning, lesbians, ladies who love ladies, fuck this supernatural shit, gay for this shit, generational angst, to stab or not to stab, sad kisses, happy kisses, queer kisses, tired of this shit, murder, successful poisoning, Everything Was Fine Until It Wasn’t, sand, so much fucking sand, cinnamon roll healer, looks like a cinnamon roll but will actually kill you, Necromancers Against Hate 2k19, who am I supposed to kill again?, explicit sparring, necromancy, blood bending