The Perfect Assassin Content Warnings & Tags

Content Warnings:
Violence, murder, problematic family, blood, stabbing, fights, betrayal, slavery, minor character death

Ao3 Tags:
Affectionate staring, archives, asexual character, asexual relationship, assassins, assassinating, angst, dead people hate dying, demons, economics, homoromantic, injury, intense hand-holding, explicit hand-holding, intrigue, It Got Worse, tea, local cleric saves the day, lots of tea, muuuurder, murder mystery, have some tea, history, family, murdery cinnamon roll protagonist, rooftop battles, rooftop sexual tension, Sapphic side characters, sand, so much fucking sand, sinnamon roll, soft bois, supernatural elements, tragic backstory, turns out stabby *is* an emotion, violence, violence isn’t the answer