The Unconquered City Content Warnings & Tags

Content Warnings:
Violence, murder, PTSD, trauma, self-mutilation (for magic), questionably consensual mutilation, scarification, fade-to-black sex, character death, multiple references to past trauma, assassination attempts, undead camels, trust issues, self-loathing, blood, gore, self-sacrifice (does not get better)

Ao3 Tags:
Assassins who no longer assassin, time to find a new job, everybody is hot, happily married lesbians, lovers to not so sure to lovers, ace boy trying his hardest, pan girl saving the world, even the monster respects pronouns, evil science / exceedingly morally dubious science, your ex is respectful of boundaries, history is important, I Can Do Everything Myself; wait no I can’t, enforced feelings, what’s said over tea stays with the tea, real tea, it’s the end of the world as we know it but we’ve done this before, thirst (both kinds), there’s only one bed trope except there’s only one caravan, screaming into the void, family, daring to hope, nonbinary love interest, enby cinnamon roll who can kill you, i’m not crying you’re crying, eye see what you did there