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January Review


First off: Happy February!

Second: What happened to January??

Life happened. In quite a spectacular way. I knew January was going to be tough, writing-wise, what with every distracting thing going on, so I made the (very wise) commitment to simply write every day. No daily word count, no monthly goal, just a no pressure commitment of putting a few words on the page every day.

To hold myself accountable, I marked off each day that I wrote with a blue highlighter. You can see above what the month looked like towards the end. My final count was two days missed, and those were loooong, crazy days without any breaks. I usually write on my lunch breaks, but I have sacrificed many of those to doctors appointments, haircuts, last-minute meetings at work, and therapy at the gym.

Now that some of that Life Stuff has been resolved (but not all of it), I need to regain my focus. I’m going to recommit to writing every day in February and continue making small, but real, progress on this WIP. Hopefully by the end of the month I will have less on my plate – and cluttering up my mind – and will be able to zone the noise of the world out and get back to writing more.

For now, I’m going to celebrate the small victories. I could have easily let January go and written nothing at all. But instead, I got 13,080 words and four chapters into this WIP, plus I read three of the books on my 2016 TBR list. All things considered, I’m going to call that a win.

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