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“How’s the writing going?”

A well-meaning question that's just as hard to answer. Sometimes I can truthfully answer -- after a few solid 5am writing sessions -- "good." Lately... it's more complicated. "It's going," suffices for both of us, and is equally true. But what I really want to say, and what no one has the time for, is… Continue reading “How’s the writing going?”


8 Practical Tips for the Debut Author

Recently, I shared five tips to help you survive your debut year (I mean, they helped me, so). It was pretty touchy-feely, because, well, have you met me? But I know how much people need something concrete when they're lost at sea and flailing about for anything solid, anything at all. So I thought a… Continue reading 8 Practical Tips for the Debut Author

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On NaNoWriMo and Failure, Or: How I’m Learning to Embrace My New Writing Process

It is November 28th. There are three days remaining in November, which means three days remaining in National Novel Writing Month, that time of year when thousands - hundreds of thousands - of writers try to plunk down 50,000 words in the span of a single month. In years past, I have diligently hit the… Continue reading On NaNoWriMo and Failure, Or: How I’m Learning to Embrace My New Writing Process

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Hey What About Your Query, Kai?

As some of you already know, I've joined this year's Pitch Wars mentor crew. For those unfamiliar with Pitch Wars, this means that one (not-so-)lucky writer will get the chance to have their manuscript beaten (literally and figuratively) into shape by me. But to get to that point they - you, possibly - will have… Continue reading Hey What About Your Query, Kai?


How to Care for Your Debut Author

Congratulations on your new debut author! Given the proper care, these creatures will make a wonderful addition to your family. They are generally quiet, complacent, and 120 proof, but while they may appear hardy on the outside, with frequent gruff vocalizations such as "no really, I'm fine," "these aren't tears; I have allergies," and "I… Continue reading How to Care for Your Debut Author

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From the Debut Trenches: Galleys/ARCs

Galleys/ARCs: WHAT THEY ARE ARC stands for Advanced Reading Copy, and galleys are a variation on that theme. They're an early print of the book with the post copy-edits but not-yet-finalized text and marketing verbiage all over because they're, well, marketing tools. This is why sometimes they have a title and sometimes they don't. Mine… Continue reading From the Debut Trenches: Galleys/ARCs