Chronicles of Ghadid Trilogy, The Unconquered City (Book 3)

A Trilogy, Complete

Hard to believe that I had a book come out this month, huh? Let alone the last book in a trilogy. This month has been a year in and of itself: plague, civil unrest, a reckoning in the SFF sphere, and so many other things.

Kinda makes you feel like a little book birthday isn’t all that important. But, even if our enthusiasm is a bit dampened, it’s still good for us to highlight and celebrate those littler moments. The advent of summer. The slow realization by white America that racism didn’t end in 2008. Fireflies. A coming together of communities big and small to support and protect and uplift one another. Cat snores.

A trilogy, complete.

The Unconquered City is now out there in the world for you to read, review, purchase, request from your library, pose with, sit on, or use for decoupage. If you’ve been waiting these past 15 months for the series to be complete – well, have at it.

I am enthused about this trilogy being out there, I really am. I am relieved, too, because it has been a whirlwind 15 months of promotion and copy edits and page proofs and panels and the realization of a dream. And I am ready to work on the Next Thing, whatever that may be.

While I slink off to do just that during this, Our Year(s) of Pandemic, here’s a round-up of some of the interviews and essays and reviews that went up in the last month:

Interview with the Fantasy Inn – in which Travis and I chat about dvorak, Roman history, and the Fun (TM) of writing a series out of order.

Worldbuilding for Masochists: Take Pride in Your Worldbuilding – in which I chat with Marshall Ryan Maresca and Rowenna Miller about creating a more inclusive world in your fantasy, the importance of queernorm, and the potential pitfalls of not thinking things through.

Interview at Civilian Reader – in which I disclose that I am, in fact, three gators in a dress, the rage that inspired The Impossible Contract, and my opinion of SFF today (hint: it’s glowing).

Author to Author with Jo – in which I talk about hope and trauma, the difficulty of writing a trilogy, and research into climate change mitigation efforts.

Books Within Reach – in which I talk about my early introduction to the SFF genre through the books on our home bookshelf, and the books I hope to keep on my own future bookshelf for my child to discover.

TorCon’s Chaotic Communal Storytime – in which I and several amazing authors must come up with a story line by line from a series of plot twists, sight unseen.

And last, but not least

Undead Camels, Angry Spirits, and Prickly Protagonists – an amazing review of the final novel by the amazing reviewer, Liz Bourke.


Plus, of course, there are two short stories (Casting Bones, Cause of Death) and a full novella (The Siege of Ghadid) if you still yearn, as I do, for Ghadid.

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