2019 Queer Adult Sci-Fi & Fantasy Gift Guide

2019 has been a bumper year for queer books of all flavors and genres, and especially within the science fiction & fantasy genre. While representation continues to grow within the genre, it's important to keep highlighting queer and QUILTBAG books, since often their being queer isn't a part of the marketing. The number of times… Continue reading 2019 Queer Adult Sci-Fi & Fantasy Gift Guide

promo, The Impossible Contract (Book 2)

Pride Month Pre-Order Extravaganza

It's that time of year! What, ant season? No, it's - Oh yeah, hurricane season. Thanks for the reminder, I need to restock my - No, I meant - Oh! I remember now. Monsoon season. But that doesn't start for another two weeks. I mean, yes, all of those, but it's also PRIDE MONTH. The… Continue reading Pride Month Pre-Order Extravaganza