2015 Writing Goals

Last January I decided it was time to get super serious about writing and I sat down and wrote out three main objectives for the year: query one story, finish edits on another, and write a new one. I surprised myself and achieved all three before September, so I had to come up with more goals for the rest of the year (rewrite & query, which just turned into rewriting). For 2015, I’m aiming a little higher. I want to do the same – query a story, finish the edits on another, and write a new one – but this time I’m planning on getting that all done in the next six (okay, seven) months.

To hold myself accountable (and if you’re interested), here’s that plan in a little more detail after the cut:


    (1) Finish & Beta Sand Wastes – (2) Query Ginger Witch – (3) New Draft Zero


  • Finish Sand Wastes
  • Take a 1-2 week break
  • Assemble Beta Reader Team (TM)
  • Read Whole of Sand Wastes


  • Edit Sand Wastes
  • Begin Synopsis/Query


  • March 1st: SEND SW TO BETAS
  • Finish Ginger Witch Synopsis
  • Rewrite Ginger Witch Query
  • Send out 15 GW queries


  • Finish sending out GW queries
  • Research new story
  • Tentative new story outline
  • Start writing by the end of the month


  • Work on draft zero


  • Work on draft zero


  • Finish draft zero
  • Set aside, return to Sand Wastes
  • Rewrite SW Synopsis
  • Rewrite SW Query
  • Send out at least one SW query
  • Plan next five months

I’ll come back and update this list on occasion, too, as part of holding myself accountable. I also need to work on querying smarter – last year I got a manuscript request, but this year I want more than that. I need more than that.

Here’s to a super productive year!

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