The Perfect Assassin (Book 1)

The Perfect Assassin Has a Cover

First there were copyedits. Then there were page proofs. Then there was silence. Now. Now, there is. A cover. *pauses for the appropriate amount of anticipation* *pause* *paaaause* *drumroll* Ta daaa! Thank you to the team at Tor for putting this together, especially my editor Diana Pho for helping find the perfect model, and Larry… Continue reading The Perfect Assassin Has a Cover

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Hey What About Your Query, Kai?

As some of you already know, I've joined this year's Pitch Wars mentor crew. For those unfamiliar with Pitch Wars, this means that one (not-so-)lucky writer will get the chance to have their manuscript beaten (literally and figuratively) into shape by me. But to get to that point they - you, possibly - will have… Continue reading Hey What About Your Query, Kai?

Chronicles of Ghadid Trilogy, Pre-pub, The Perfect Assassin (Book 1)

From the Debut Trenches: Galleys/ARCs

Galleys/ARCs: WHAT THEY ARE ARC stands for Advanced Reading Copy, and galleys are a variation on that theme. They're an early print of the book with the post copy-edits but not-yet-finalized text and marketing verbiage all over because they're, well, marketing tools. This is why sometimes they have a title and sometimes they don't. Mine… Continue reading From the Debut Trenches: Galleys/ARCs