Good Riddance 2020, but with the 0 crossed out and a 2 scribbled in


First off, happy belated Winter Solstice! The shortest day is past and it only gets brighter from here*. Growing up in Florida, the winter solstice held little significance to me -- winter days are bright and sunny, so why did I need to celebrate the light's return? If anything, I celebrated the summer solstice with… Continue reading 2022

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“How’s the writing going?”

A well-meaning question that's just as hard to answer. Sometimes I can truthfully answer -- after a few solid 5am writing sessions -- "good." Lately... it's more complicated. "It's going," suffices for both of us, and is equally true. But what I really want to say, and what no one has the time for, is… Continue reading “How’s the writing going?”

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On NaNoWriMo and Failure, Or: How I’m Learning to Embrace My New Writing Process

It is November 28th. There are three days remaining in November, which means three days remaining in National Novel Writing Month, that time of year when thousands - hundreds of thousands - of writers try to plunk down 50,000 words in the span of a single month. In years past, I have diligently hit the… Continue reading On NaNoWriMo and Failure, Or: How I’m Learning to Embrace My New Writing Process

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Hello Twitter, My Old Friend

I just finished a six week hiatus from Twitter. Or at least an attempted hiatus. To be honest, I dipped my toe in a few times with the excuse of checking DM's only to get swept up into reading a few tweets before realizing what I was doing. But my slip-ups only reaffirmed my need… Continue reading Hello Twitter, My Old Friend

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10 Years of The Tucson Festival of Books

#TFOB, my #TFOB, how I love thee so. When we moved to Tucson, the Festival of Books was still in its toddlerhood. We went during its 3rd year and it was already huge and drawing in ginormous crowds and interesting/well-known/actual authors. I wandered between tables of books and lecture halls of guest speakers under a… Continue reading 10 Years of The Tucson Festival of Books


Updates and Sundry

Autumnal! Quite a maelstrom of change has swept through the Doore household since I last updated. I announced that I was pregnant, mentioned we were moving to Michigan, waxed poetic about the Sonoran desert and then - disappeared. You can probably guess what has happened in the meantime. Now we're settled in Michigan and have… Continue reading Updates and Sundry