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Sunny Days Ahead

Ever since that snowfall two weeks ago, Michigan has been all sunshine and flowers. Within the space of a weekend, every tree here has burst forth with leaves or blossoms. Spring is quite literally in the air. And by spring I mean pollen. Here's to you, allergy-sufferers. May your antihistamines not make you drowsy. Instead… Continue reading Sunny Days Ahead

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April Snow Showers Bring May… Final Drafts?

Evidence of said April snow. Well, one can hope! I've been down on myself a lot during this particular writing process. I feel like my first draft was wildly different from my draft zero, which of course was the most awful awful that ever awfuled. And my first draft still has a lot of problems.… Continue reading April Snow Showers Bring May… Final Drafts?

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Hello, hello

Wow, babies man. Thinking you can write a book while juggling a newborn and a job must be the mark of a madman. Add updating your blog to the mix and, well. Hi. *waves* No news, as they say, is good news. And in a way, it is. I've been steadily working on this book… Continue reading Hello, hello

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My Not-So-Meandering Path Towards Publication

It's cliché, but I've always wanted to be an author. I tried to find another, better paying career path - I did, really - but nothing held my attention like writing. My eclectic employment situations over the past ten years holds the truth of that. I bounced from retail to foreclosure to secretary to data entry to property… Continue reading My Not-So-Meandering Path Towards Publication

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Assassins of Ghadid has been Acquired by Tor

Yes! I can finally shout it from the rooftops! My book, the Impossible Contract* - which is about assassins and camels and magic and queer romance - has been acquired by Tor! Not only that, but they also acquired two more books to make it a solid three! If you don't believe me or think that… Continue reading Assassins of Ghadid has been Acquired by Tor

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Missing Limbs: Writing While Pregnant

I've been pretty quiet about writing around here. And that's mostly because I learned as a kid that if you got nothing good to say, you'd better say nothing. So I've said nothing, because I was also afraid of what was going on. Only now, on the other side of what I can now confidently… Continue reading Missing Limbs: Writing While Pregnant

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January Review

First off: Happy February! Second: What happened to January?? Life happened. In quite a spectacular way. I knew January was going to be tough, writing-wise, what with every distracting thing going on, so I made the (very wise) commitment to simply write every day. No daily word count, no monthly goal, just a no pressure… Continue reading January Review

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I had every intention to get in on the one-a-day thankful meme, but then it was mid-November and, well. But I firmly believe it's never too late to be thankful, so I've compiled my list for Thanksgiving itself. 26 things because this year, Thanksgiving fell on the 26th. 26 Things I'm Thankful For: (or: A… Continue reading #Thankful