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This is the WIP That Never Ends

It keeps on going on, my friend. One person started writing it not knowing when she'd stop. And she will keep on writing it forever just because - At least, that's what it feels like! I had a December deadline to reach 100k words, thinking that would be close enough to finished. That passed by… Continue reading This is the WIP That Never Ends

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WIP Updates

I finished the edits on GW last night and duly celebrated with a glass of wine. God, I love wine. GW was the story that was out to betas over the summer, and I received their feedback in August. It's a(n urban?) fantasy with faeries and gingerbread and a bus driving MC who is the… Continue reading WIP Updates

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Achievement Unlocked: 50,000 words

Wouldn't it be great if - like in a lot of video games these days - every time you reached a major goal in your life a little "achievement unlocked" button would pop up in your vision? Well, assuming they didn't pop up while you were driving. Even better for writing goals. It would be… Continue reading Achievement Unlocked: 50,000 words

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The Writing Process Blog Tour

My awesome writing buddy Lora recently tagged me in the writing process tour. We met a few years ago in this here desert and I never let her go. Lora writes YA novels and literary short stories and is currently working on a sci-fi YA adventure. She just finished her latest draft and I am ridiculously excited for… Continue reading The Writing Process Blog Tour

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My At-Home Writing Retreat

With my wife away at a conference all last week, I decided to put that time to good use and do an at-home writing retreat. I detailed my prep in that post, then went silent for a week. Now that's it officially over, I have both wins and fails to share. First, the wins. Cleaning… Continue reading My At-Home Writing Retreat

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Planning an At-Home Writing Retreat

  My wife will be at a conference in another state for the next week, so instead of moping about, cuddling cats, and spending entirely too much time on youtube, I thought I might try something different. A friend had brought up the possibility of renting a cabin for a writing retreat over the 4th… Continue reading Planning an At-Home Writing Retreat